strategic business solutions to the wine, liquor and beverage industries
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Strategic Business Plans


  WineIP works with its clients to build Strategic Business
Plans that interpret the purpose and goals of the business.
These plans allow brand owners to assign tasks required of
management to build an outcome orientated culture that rewards
accomplishment. Strategic Business Plans are broken down into
plans by market, identifying the focus of the business and the
investment required behind those developments. Financial year or
annual plans can add another tier of plans that give management
teams the individual KPI’s they need to accomplish for the
business in the short term.

Product Research and Development Product Research and Development


  WineIP advises clients on Product Research and
Development strategies to ensure their brands have valuable
attributes that set their brands apart or ‘differentiate’ their
brands from their competitors. Product differentiation
and positioning, consumer and trade research, brand
development and design, test marketing and trade partner
consultation all contribute to creating the correct product
attributes for your brand in its market place.

Product Research and Development Global Sales and Distribution Strategies


  Access to distribution and routes to markets are shrinking
in local and global markets. Ownership of distributors
and grocery outlets are polarising to a smaller group of
owners in all markets. WineIP has up to date commercial
experience in developing ‘Access to Market Strategies’ in
Europe, the United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Japan, China,
Korea, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. WineIP
can help you determine the best ‘Sales and Distribution
Strategies’ for your business. WineIP can develop
E-Commerce and Direct to Consumer marketing solutions
that include the maximisation of internal resources through
the smart use of technology.

Product Research and Development Logistics and In-Market Sales Teams

  WineIP has experience in development of Logistics
and In-Market Sales Teams in domestic and global
marketplaces. Many small, medium or large size
businesses are developing their own in-market sales
teams for focus marketplaces. WineIP can help you
determine the best logistics strategy for your business.

Product Research and Development Communication Strategies


  Communication strategies focus on development of brand
awareness and recognition through advertising, public
relations, sponsorship, consumer and/or trade promotional
events. Personal selling, public relations and social network
programs can be managed across multiple markets to
build brand recognition, and support sales and distribution
initiatives. As there is a significant expense in a brands
marketing plan, WineIP can provide helpful advice on the
most efficient use of resources in focus markets.

Product Research and Development Executive Search, Selection and Mentoring


  We work closely with our clients, acting as a partner in the
process of attracting, recruiting and retaining talent. We have
an extensive local and international contact network and
database to ensure we are able to find the right candidate for
you. We pride ourselves in a high level of client and candidate
care, by maintaining close relationships and follow up,
beyond the recruitment process.
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